Fractions Acoustic

Written by Sarah Jane Wood and Vian Izak
Vocals by Sarah Jane
Guitar by Isaac Horn
Mandolin by Lincoln Mick
Piano, Strings, and Percussion by Vian Izak

Produced by Vian Izak
Mixed by Vian Izak
Mastered at Sage Audio in Nashville

Album Art by Hein Zaayman

Wrapped myself up in all the tattered pages; A forlorn fable.
Faded lines; my message in a bottle is shattering now and sinking down.
I’m growing to know time as it goes.
Everything’s changing.

Break me with that truth take all my fractions.
Shaping something new out of the fragments.
Light up this old soul.
I was broken now I’m golden.
Now I’m golden.

Grasping out.
Tell me that you hope to hear
the words resound
that growing to know
time as it goes is life...

Open my eyes. This is life.
Change comes with time.