What Does it Mean to be Home?

The Audiobook:

The Song:


“The wind blew in quiet whispers of new promises. Sarah Jane grasped in her hands a crumpled newspaper clipping featuring an image of a world unknown; a black and white photo of a perfect dwelling. She knew she must set out to find it, the far away place calling out to her heart.

'What does it mean to be home?'

Sarah Jane sat on the edge of a cliff asking herself this question as she listened to the wind carry whispers of new places through Juniper Vale. She knew the answer lay beyond the boundaries of her village, so for the last time she said farewell and hopped atop the shell of Senelala, her turtle companion, her place of rest. Together they venture through a world overgrown, searching for a sense of home.”

Through Juniper Vale combines the imaginative illustrations of concept artist, Hein Zaayman, with the musical creations of Sarah Jane Wood. Teaming up with South African American producer, Vian Izak, and Nashville based author, Melissa Wilson, they introduce a story of two characters traveling through an overgrown world known as Juniper Vale. This project seeks to combine visual art, original indie pop music, and a monthly traveler’s blog to spark conversation, open a door to community, and create an experience of home and belonging for all. 

Where will the breeze blow Sarah Jane and Senelala next?