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Juniper Vale is a multimedia project that combines EDM Banjo music with illustrations to explore the experience of home and belonging. The project has received over 10 million streams across streaming platforms and has been featured on dozens of Spotify and Apple playlists including Indie Pop, New Music Friday Canada, Best of the Week France, and several viral charts in Canada, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malta. Nashville based musician, Sarah Jane Wood, is the voice, the heart, and the banjo behind the music. With a dream to create a musical experience for audience members that is both immersive and multi-sensory, Sarah Jane has joined forces with illustrator, Hein Zaayman, and South Africa born artist and producer, Vian Izak, to combine music, story, and illustration into a single artistic narrative. The project’s music mixes electronic hooks with percussive banjo, merging genres to create a brand new sound that is all it’s own. The music is then paired with illustrated artwork that tells the story of a girl named Sarah Jane & her giant turtle friend named Senelala. The two characters set out on an adventure to explore what it means to truly belong. Through Juniper Vale is signed to I the AI Recrods, an Independent Record Label on Nashville’s Historic Music Row. All tracks are co-written and produced by Independent Music Award Nominated producer and artist, Vian Izak.

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