Meet Through Juniper Vale


Through Juniper Vale is a multi-media project that combines music and art to explore the experience of home and belonging.


Through Juniper Vale is Sarah Jane Wood, Hein Zaayman, Vian Izak, and of course, Senelala.

Nashville based musician, Sarah Jane Wood, and South Africa born illustrator, Hein Zaayman, combine their talents to create multisensory releases that invite audience members to step into adventure through the world of Juniper Vale. The project's EDM-Banjo Pop music and whimsical illustrated narratives revolve around the concept of home, telling the story of a girl named Sarah Jane who rides on the back of a giant turtle named Senelala. The two characters carry their home with them as they explore the world of Juniper Vale, questioning the meaning of true belonging. All tracks are co-written and produced by Independent Music Award Nominated producer and artist, Vian Izak. Through Juniper Vale is signed to Vohnic Music LLC, an independent record label based in Nashville, Tennessee.

The project has received over 6 million streams across platforms for its unique union of left of center pop songs and imaginative concept worlds and has been featured on dozens of Spotify playlists including New Music Friday Canada, Indie Pop, Indie Pop Chillout, Indie All Stars, Indietronic, and has landed on viral charts in Canada, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malta.

Through Juniper Vale is releasing new singles every month.

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